Traxex Wraw - Overview

"This boy has the talents to kill, the mind to concentrate. I will take him in as my apprentice'"

Traxex Wraw
Traxex main 1
Jedi Sentinel


Jedi Master


23 BTC






Red Eyes, Pale Brown Skin, 1.95 meters tall.


Shadow Assasin Arts, Jedi Cirruiculum


Galactic Republic, Army of Light, Jedi Order

Known Masters

Alepo Misipir

Known Apprentices

Sifo Dyas, Coddy Lightcloud, Ocerus Skyborne

Known Force Powers

The Shadow Assassin's Training

When Traxex grew older, at around the age of 8, he learned the talents of the Shadow Assassins. His teacher was very strange, always wearing his robes, his hood down, a deep voice. Nobody knew what species he was. All that they knew was that his name was Halt. Halt taught Traxex for 8 years, showing him the weapons and the ways of the Shadow Assassins. At one point in his life, Halt took Trax to Coruscant, to learn how to climb. The weapons and armor of the Shadow Assassins were really old-fashon. However, one thing that Traxex did with his teachings was to learn about the inhabitants of Voss. Traxex secretly stole from the Gormak, a native culture in Voss, and used their advanced technology to make items and weaponry to help with Trax's assassinations. Of these items, they included gravity boots, which could make Trax run faster, and make Traxex run up walls. Trax's psi blade was another invention of his, instead of a regular steel blade, Trax often used his hidden psi blade. It was only used in a situation when Trax could kill in the shadows, other than that, it was rarely used when fighting. Trax used a regular vibrosword when dueling. Traxex also used sonic grenades and electric gloves. Trax usually killed out of rash anger, fueling his talents and adrenaline. Almost after his training, Trax's parents went missing, presumed dead according to Halt. His brother disappeared, journeying to other planets.

Trax's Assassinations

When Trax was about 16, he started assassinating targets. Usually they dangerous people, and they stayed on Corescant, but one of his assassinations was on Tatooine. He was sent to kill a woman named Jessa Amitey, an apparant threat to Halt. When Traxex journeyed there, he figured out that she had left Tatooine for 3 years. She had joined the jedi. Trax headed back to Corescant, until one night above the streets of the jedi temple. Jessa had been hidden in her robe, afraid to be seen. She went into a night club, the infamous "Iceberg Lounge" and had met a man there. Both were Jedi, and both were having an affair. As Jessa left the nightclub after their date, Trax engaged in combat with her. She may have been a jedi, but Trax's intense training programs had brought him up to this point. Upon almost killing her, Jessa cut Trax's chest, and threw him back into the crowd. As Trax got up, she was nowhere to be seen. 2 years later, Trax was sent to assassinate a jedi knight by the name of Xecr Nist. When Trax confronted the young knight, he spoke with gentle kindness: "Why do you come to kill me, Assassin? Turn back from your harsh cruelty, join the light. You have potential to become a jedi, and if it is a family you seek, you will find it here." As Trax went to join the jedi, Halt was there, disguisted in Trax's failure. "A fool is what you are, you are worse than your parents...they deserved to die." Halt went to kill Xecr, but Trax's hatred was directed towards his former master, crushing his bones and killing the man. Xecr, even though a jedi knight, approved of the act, as Halt was an enemy of the republic. When Traxex got his things, he and Xecr journeyed to the jedi temple, where Trax's life would change forever...

Trax's Training

Traxex immediately started his training. As an initiate, he was under the watchful eye of Jaina Sken, Supreme Master of the Order. Under her teaching, Trax learned immediately, passing all of his classes beyond expectations. In a matter of weeks, he became a padawan. The test began, for Trax needed to find a master. After searching for a week, he stumbled upon Knight Alepo Mispir. After a week of training under him, Trax's power grew, faster than what Alepo could have imagined. In a lesson of the 7 lightsaber forms, Trax was asked which ones he wished to master. He chose to master Ataru, Makashi, and Niman. These were a must for becoming a jedi weaponmaster, and then Trax was givin the tools to make his lightsaber. After Trax had meditated and made the pieces come together, he perfected his dual bladed lightsabers. The first one he made was a gold one, that forever would shine on. The second one was more deadlier: Trax's signature orange lightsaber, that bured like lava. The lightsaber contained a lava crystal that Trax had taken from a man he assassinated earlier in his life. "Traxex Wraw, you exceed expectations. Some masters say this is dangerous to teach you this quickly, but I approve of what you have learned. You should rest, the council wishes to see you tomorrow morning."

Mission One - The Artifacts

As Traxex walked into the council chambers, he realized that some of the members where missing. The only people who were there were Caliber Mispir, Jaina Sken, and Xecr Nist. The council wanted Traxex to locate an artifact of the ancient Rakatan species, and bring it back to the Council. Trax left at once with padawan Aadeon Amitey. The two ventured out to the planet of the Rakatan, and decended to the ground. Upon landing, Trax saw three gigantic temples. Aadeon and Trax went straight forward to the temple. Upon walking to the entrance, a big rancor stood in their way, knocking Aadeon aside. Trax ignited his dual sabers, and jumped on the beasts' head, burning its brain. The monster fell dead, and Trax helped Aadeon up. "You made it look easy, Trax. Your one powerful padawan." They entered the first temple. They saw a long hallway, and at the end of the hallway was an artifact. It glowed red and black, and it was a creation of the sith. Trax walked toward and touched the artifact. In a flash the artifact tried to convert him to the darkside, pulling him in, giving him power. But Trax denied it, somehow resisting the darkside. Trax did learn a new power, however. He learned how to fly with the force. Upon entering the second temple, Trax touched another artifact, gaining another ancient power. Aadeon was warning Trax not to touch the third. Trax did so, and he was blown back, his body burning. His life force was just a flicker of light, and Aadeon healed him. Trax could not move. After taking Trax and the artifacts back to Corescant, Aadeon did not tell the Council that Trax touched the artifacts, for he did not want Trax to get into trouble. Trax was burned so badly that he had to wear armor and a mask all of the time. Trax prefered his assassination mask, letting his tail whips out. His mask was infused with a different sight improvments, including thermal vision. He always had a breathing regulator. He didn't need his mask underwater. This mission made the council think of whether or not to make him a knight yet. So, they tested him further...