Teran 'Tec' Bourne - Overview

"The harder you try to escape fate, the easier it will be for it to find you"

Teran 'Tec' Bourne
Tal main 1
Jedi Consular


Jedi Consular(active)


3,673 BBY or 20 BTC


Telos, Lower City


1/2 Human, 1/2 Miralukan


Dark Brown Robes


Crime life, Jedi life


Galactic Republic, Army of Light

Known Masters

Jedi Knight Winzlow Silverdox

Known Force Powers

Force Scream, Force Sight, Force Push, Force Pull, Force Telepathy, Force Telekenisis, Force Speed, Force Jump, Alter Environment and Flamusfracta

Early Life

Teran was born 20 BTC (3, 673 BBY). His parents were of different species that had found each other in the slums of Telos. His father, Brent, was a human technician. Brent used to be a space adventurer, he was a salvager. But when he indebted himself to a syndicate crime lord he had to sell everything just to have his freedom. Though that didn't do much to help him since the only place he could afford to live was in an apartment in the Lower City, and the only work he could get was a low paying job repairing pods, racers, speeders and other assortments of machinery for gangs. Brent had eventually found Tamila a female Miraluka and saved her from resorting to live in the Under City. The two eventually grew close and had Teran. Teran being a half breed of human and miraluka developed attributes from both. He was human in every way except he had a deep connection to the force and was able to use the ability Force Sight. Even though he had his eyes, like humans, his mother taught him how to use this ability and he was able to see, somewhat, through the force as well, if he chose to.

Teran 'Tec' Bourne grew up on Telos, in the lower city. Life was always hard in the Lower City. After the Jedi Civil wars the planet was struggling to recover, even with the Restoration Project. The Lower City was also struggling to recover. By the time Teran was Bourne the Lower City had settled, some what, into a place controlled by several small gangs and a couple of larger syndicates. Lower City had its own set of laws and life and in comparison to the Upper City, that was controlled by the Telosian security with a large Czerka Corp. and Ithorian presence.

By the time he was 7 he had grown to hate the way life was down there, so much crime, so much evil and no one would do anything about it. Not even the city soldiers, they were all on the pay roll of some crime lord or another. His mother had to prostitute to help keep them alive. Luckily Tec's father had some repairing skills and was able to secure work with one of the more stable gangs down there. Teran, with his parents, lived in a shared apartment. They lived with another family, whose daughter, 8, was close to Teran. Her name was Kilah.

While, unknown to Teran, Jedi Knights were visiting the planet on pilgrimage, retracing the footsteps of both Revan and the Exile on the planet, they sensed a ripple in the force. A dark ripple, that had incidentally came from Teran. Teran had gone home, from buying some much needed supplies, to find some thugs, under the mark of a rival gang to the one his father was working for, hassling his parents, Kilah and her parents.

The thugs had been shouting threats and waving their guns around. Teran didn't know what to do, he couldn't go to anyone, not even bystanders that were watching the fuss, nobody around here likes to get involved with other people's affairs; especially if it involves gang violence. But when one of the thugs had hit both of his parents, knocking them to the ground, Teran ran into his apartment, picking up a small metal pole that is usually used for protection against thieves, ready to try and fight the gang members off.

When Teran retaliated, Kilah's parents also attacked the thugs. Kilah's father knocked one of the human member's teeth out. But alas the three of them were no match for the thugs. As a punishment for resisting one of the thugs aimed his gun at Teran. Teran's father gave in and told them not to harm his family and he would go work for their boss. The leader of the thugs told the one aiming the gun to stop. But just as it seemed like they were going to leave the human, that had his teeth knocked out, turned and shot Kilah and her parents after saying "They aren't part of your family".

Kilah, Teran's closest friend, was shot down before his eyes. He had looked around and the bystanders just stood there, doing nothing. Then he let out a scream of anger and grief. His scream amplified into the force ability known as Force Scream. The building around him started to crack, the thugs' weapon broke and their body armor started to crumple and press against them. The thugs fleed before they were crushed by their own armor leaving Teran sobbing over the loss of his dearest friend.
The Jedi visting Telos sensed the use of the force and quickly descended into the Lower City. They found Teran and investigated what had happened. After some talks with his parents and with Teran, the jedi convinced Teran to leave with them. They promised him that if he was able to master his feeling and his powers, he could use them to make sure things like this wouldn't happen to anyone else. Also, they couldn't let a child with such strong powers of the force to grow up in such a terrible place. That would only have one outcome. So Teran left with the jedi, leaving his parents and the crime infested Lower City of Telos behind him.

After days in debate, with the two jedi knights that had picked the boy up, the council accepted him in for training. The council was concerned and didn't want to admit him because he had already shown signs of anger and because of his use of Force Scream, a dark side power. Though, the two knights felt that Teran could change if he was brought up in a better atmosphere and that his powerful connection to the Force would allow him to become a great Knight. Fueled by his determination he was a fast learner, and quickly caught up and surpassed many in his age group. This may have been made possible because he was so determined to master his abilities so he could start protecting people and his strong connection to the Force. Though after a while his determination that was fueled by mild anger and the want to use his powers for retribution against people like those thugs, slowly faded away (as he learnt to control his feelings and the better atmosphere he now lived in) into a determination to be a great Jedi Knight who stood for justice.

Teen Life

As Tec grew into his teens, his emotions ran a muck, especially when he was around a fellow young jedi padawan. They were both 17. Her name was Sasha Fen. Tec knew the jedi code and ignored his feeling for a long time. But eventually, given that he hadn't been raised as a jedi rather than in the crime riddled places of Telos, he question these rules of the Order's. He approached Sasha many times and was always turned down to a recitment of the code from her and other padawans. This made him frustrated and angry. After long, his persistence got Sasha questioning this particular rule and they started seeing each other, but were careful not to attract any attention. And all seemed well, the two of them limited their affections to when they were sure that they were alone and other than ignoring this rule (though unknown to most others but not all as they believed) the two of them were role model Padawans and were expected to make great Jedi Knights when the time came for them to take their trials.

Attack on the Jedi Temple and After

At the time the Sith Empire came and attacked, just after Teran had passed his Knight trials when he was 20, Tec was being punished by the masters for his continual disobeying of the code and of the rules (the Masters that knew about him and Sasha were trying to stop their disregard for the rule). Sasha was on ground zero when the Sith transport came crashing through the temple doors.

When Sasha was separated from her master and was locked in combat with a skillful Sith warrior, all she could do to survive was run. She ran into the temple and looked for Tec. As she ran through the hallways where the Padawans lived two Sith warriors chased her, many other Jedi Padawans either cowered away from them or were cut down. Sasha eventually found his room which had been locked by a master, for his punishment. She was unable to open the door when the Sith attacked her once more. Tec could not only hear her outside his door but they had developed an emotional connection and could feel her fear. He tried so hard to unlock the door, but he couldn't crack the code.
When Sasha was beaten and killed, Tec could hear her words in his head, and he couldn't contain his anger when hearing them. "I love you" was all she said.
Anger swelled in him he beat his hands on the door and tried to use his force powers to open it. But for all his efforts, he just couldn't do it. It was as if the life of his past had come back.

This was when Tec started to think to himself "why wouldn't anyone have helped her?". Again, just like on Telos, someone was in trouble and no one done a damn thing about it. After several hours the door was opened, his old master, and close friend, let him out of his room. Tec ran to Sasha's body, which was being taken away by some other padawans, but his old master ordered him to come with him. That was also when Teran noticed that the Temple had been sacked by the Sith. The Jedi had been beaten in this battle.
Though, when the Order was called to war by the Republic and refused to commit Tec's anger was feuled once more. Going against the council, his old master and the tidings of many others, he left with some brave few who knew that it was right to fight. And so started the retribution of Tec, against the Sith.

Teran and the few others that left with him, including some other Jedi Knights, set off to fight against the Sith on distant planets where the Treaty of Coruscant was being ignored by the few who could see through the Empire's lies and the so called "Treaty". They left for Alderaan and joined up with the Jedi Knights who were fighting with the republic commandos there.

Force Studies

Teran adopted a combined fighting style of Form V and Form VII. Of the two forms he used the combination of the Djem So and Juyo variations.

Juyo is the mainstream version of Form VII. Juyo emphasises on bold and powerful attacks, movements. This keeps one more open and kenetic than the other aggressive form (Form V). As this form is more powerful it requires a high intensity and energy user. This is what causes one to draw on their emotions. A user for this Form must keep calm as the emotions verge on exploding.

Djem So: This is a variation of Form V. Djem So, is more aggressive than Shien. It is less passive and relies less on counter attacking and more on offensive attacks. Djem So, had good defensive capabilities for both ranged and melee combat. A Djem So, combatant would use parries and blocks to attack and turn the power of an enemy attack against them. This Form relies on combat domination through Strength and Power.

Teran also adopted the of the 'Living Force' like most other jedi. And, although Teran's comabt styles focused of strong melee combat, Teran was very capable in the use of force abilities. His skills in combat heavily aided the Republic's effort on Alderaan.

Path to Knighthood

Teran 'Tec' Bourne was taken as a Padawan learner under the wing of Jedi Knight Winzlow Silverdox on the 1st of April, 2011. He then took his trials to become a Jedi Knight, and passed them, on the 31st of May, 2011.