Ludwig VanCover - Overview Edit

"'knowledge 'is Power."

Ludwig VanCover
Ludwig van mainpic
Jedi Consular


Representative, Jedi Consular (active)


3,670 BBY




Human (Male)


Height: 6'1"; Hair: Black; Eyes: Blue


Coruscate Galactic University


Galactic Republic, Army of Light

Known Masters

Korvus Starlight

Known Force Powers

Force Persuade, Force Lighting, Force Grasp, Force Illusion

Ludwig VanCover is a member of the Jedi Order and serves actively as a representive of the Army of Light. Mr. VanCover is known for his strong dedication to both the Republic and The Army of Light, and is skilled in both Republic History and Peace Negotiations. Currently, Mr. VanCover spends his time studying both Jedi and Sith lore, as he prepares for strategies to deal with the Sith.

Early Life Edit

Ludwig VanCover was born on Coruscant, 3,670 BBY. When Ludwig was 8 years old, Jedi Master Rohn Mesmo discovered that Ludwig was very strong in the force. SInce the Jedi Order has custody over all force-sensitive children, Ludwig was taken to the Jedi temple to start his studies.

Force Studies Edit

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Path to Knighthood Edit

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