Korvus Talian
Korvus aboard his personal starship, The Void's Warden

Rank and Position

Jedi Master
Leader of The AL Force Recon Regiment
Advanced Training Officer
Ex-Shadow Operative


16 BTC




Human (Male)


Height: 6'3"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Languages Spoken and Understood

Galactic Basic


The Galactic Republic
The Jedi Order
The Army of Light

Force Capability

Mastery of all seven forms of lightsaber combat (Prefers to use Niman)
Mastery of Telekinetics
Mind Control
Force Cloak
Basic Force Healing


"Embrace the Force."

―Korvus Talian to those he has defeated.

Korvus Talian was a Jedi from a Alderaanian noble family who came into prominence after many hard fought victories against both the Empire and the Sith. His faith in the Jedi Order and the Republic was diminished after the events that lead to the Treaty of Coruscant. After becoming a Master of the Order at the young age of 18 he resolved that his talents would be better suited elsewhere. It was shortly after this decision that Korvus Talian joined The Army of Light.

Early Life

Korvus Talian was born to a small noble family of Alderaan. During the first five years of his life he lived uneventfully at his parent's, Aelric and Eva Talian's, estate on Alderaan. It was shortly after his fifth birthday that the Force began to manifest itself within Korvus as to be noticeable to his parents. Aelric and Eva had suspected that Korvus had a connection to the Force, as he seemed to have both an inexhaustible appetite for knowledge and an uncanny comprehension of said knowledge.

With proof that their son had a connection to the Force, Aelric and Eva had finally been given the chance they needed to fight the Sith Empire. They quickly packed their things and plotted a course for Nar Shaddaa the next day.
Nar Shaddaa Cityscape

Nar Shaddaa Cityscape

Upon landing on the Smuggler's Moon they made arrangments with a local Hutt businessman named Borgo, using the surname of Starlight as an alias. The arrangement itself was for a medium sized laboratory facility and a dozen medical droids. The reason Aelric and Eva went to Nar Shaddaa in the first place was not only for privacy, but also to escape the restrictions of Republic law. Project Potency as they named their research project involved many tests and experiments that the Republic would consider as illegal. The goal of Project Potency was to create Jedi who were even more powerful in the Force through both gene therapy and pharmaceutical drugs. Korvus, while not understanding the full extent of his parent's goal, did understand that the goal was a noble one, meant to drive the Sith Empire that was plaguing the galaxy, back into the abyss from whence they came. Korvus also knew that both
Medical Laboratory

A smaller, but similar laboratory to what the Talian's used on Nar Shaddaa.

his father, a bioengineer, and his mother, a geneticist, were well qualified for the endeavor. Aelric and Eva used tissue samples from Korvus in order to facilitate their experimentation. While Korvus did receive both tutoring and love from his parents, there was little to do in the laboratory and as such Korvus became an avid reader. Starting out with simple fictional stories he expanded into the sciences, alien languages, and when he could sneak a peak, his own parent's notes.

Three months into the project Borgo the Hutt had called Aelric and Eva for a meeting, however it was unknown to them as to why they were called. They had paid for a full year up front and apart of the deal was that they were not to be bothered during this time period. When they arrived at the Hutt's office they quickly learned the reason why they had been called to meet. The Hutt had found out who they really were, the Talian family, and because they were nobility the Hutt expected more and would threaten them to get it. Two of the Hutt's hired thugs, one on each side of the large and imposing Hutt, pointed their blasters at Aelric, Eva, and Korvus. Aelric did not agree with the Hutt's dishonorable tactics. Aelric was a man of honor and he would not bow before the greedy Hutt or give into his demands. Instead he looked back to Korvus and said one word, "Run." It took a moment for the word to register in Korvus' mind, but Korvus then began to ran out of the building. Aelric quickly reached for his blaster pistol as soon as he heard his son's footsteps. He quickly shot both of the men standing beside the Hutt, both dropped to the floor dead, but the rest of Borgo's personal guard quickly reacted throwing a volley of blaster fire at both him and his wife. Aelric pushed his wife, Eva, down to the ground before firing a volley of shots of his own while trying to dodge the incoming fire. He shot one, then two guards in quick succession, but one random blaster bolt hit him in his left arm. He shrugged it off and continued to fire at the assailants, hitting yet another guard.
Heavy Blaster Pistol

Aelric Talian's blaster pistol.

Aelric only had to finish off two more guards at this point, but unbeknownst to him reinforcments had made their way through a side door and began to open fire on him. He felt a sharp pain in his chest and then realized that he had been hit from the side. Gasping he fell down to the ground, but not before he fired one last shot that hit the Hutt squarely on the outside of his right hand, the Hutt yelped in pain. Aelric hit the ground with a large thud. He stopped breathing. He was dead. Korvus had ran to the end of the hall into Borgo's office and listened after he heard the shooting stop. "Kill the woman and find the boy and kill him too! They will be made a lesson of!" said Borgo in a furious roar of Huttese. Korvus heard one last shot of a blaster and he knew enough Huttese to know that he was being hunted so he began to sprint as fast as his legs would take him. He ran for what seemed like hours. Out of breath and energy he stopped, saw an open ventilation shaft and crawled in it. There he would spend his first night without his parents, in tears.


Korvus awoke in a cold sweat. Another nightmare. It had been three months since his parents were murdered by Borgo, but Korvus had been nearly continuously assaulted by nightmares since then. He placed his head in his hands, still tired, but he knew he couldn't go back to sleep. He had found an abandoned apartment and made it his first home. The apartment was relatively sparse, with nothing, but a bed. For Korvus though that was enough.

For some time the apartment had worked out great for Korvus, he had even added a few decorations to the place with some scrap he had found. He spent most of the time in his apartment reading datapads that he stole from various people and places. He was content with his current lifestyle. Stealing food and supplies from the more wealthy citizens of Nar Shaddaa was a way of life for him and he was very adept at what he did.

One day while searching for some reading material, Korvus noticed a Twi'lek, around his age. Korvus watched the Twi'lek, interested since he didn't see many orphaned Twi'leks around her age, as most became servants to certain types of people. Korvus followed behind her, hiding in the shadows, until she stopped and attempted to steal some food from a market stall. However, it didn't work out so well for the young Twi'lek and she was caught by the owner of the stall. The owner spoke "Well, well, what do we have here? A little thief!? You want to know what I do to thieves?" The young Twi'lek looked up to the man terrified of what was to come next. Korvus knew what the stall owner would do, it's what everyone on the Smuggler's Moon did; the Twi'lek would be sold into slavery. Before the stall owner could say another word, Korvus tossed a couple of homemade smoke grenades, blanketing the area in a thick smoke which had another effect; it burned the lungs and eyes of anyone caught in it. Korvus then rushed into the cloud with a cloth covering his nose and mouth to protect himself. He grabbed the girl's hand and ran out of the cloud of smoke, pulling her behind him. Korvus took the Twi'lek to an isolated alleyway where she regained her eyesight. Korvus looked to her and ask "Are you okay?" The Twi'lek girl caught her breath and spoke. "Yes, I'm fine. Thanks to you." Korvus removed the cloth from his face and smiled before speaking. "My name is Korvus. What's yours?" The Twi'lek replied. "Dia." Korvus then responded. "It's nice to meet you Dia." The two continued to speak, during which time Korvus had found out much about his new friend. She had been orphaned as he was, her mother was killed after her father had abandoned them both on Nar Shaddaa. Dia had told Korvus where she was living, which happened to be in a small unused loft. When Korvus returned home he began thinking about their shared predicament. It was then that he got the idea that they should live together, strength in numbers he thought. Korvus then began to search for a new place to live, since both of their current homes were too small to accommodate the two of them.

L-Wing 1

A Lethisk-Class Armed Freighter Similar To That Which Korvus Had Discovered

had been searching for nearly a month when he came across what appeared to be an abandoned freighter. Korvus had seen the freighter before and it hadn't moved from that spot so Korvus assumed that either the owner was killed or the freighter was broken in some way. Korvus went closer to have a look. Upon further inspection Korvus found that this vessel had seen some fighting as there was carbon scoring on the exterior of the vessel. Korvus then made his way into the ship. It appeared that most everything had been looted, however the freighter was most certainly large enough for both Korvus and Dia. Korvus looked around the ship and made his way to the engine room to find that the Hyperdrive had been badly damaged. That explained why the freighter was abandoned as it would have cost many credits to repair such a large amount of damage. Korvus continued to explore the ship until he made his way to the cockpit. There he found that all of the other ship's systems were still operable. For him that was enough to make this freighter his new home. Korvus first moved all the things from his old apartment to the ship and then went to Dia's loft. When he arrived he told Dia of a "surprise" he had for her. She followed him to the ship and she was indeed surprised. Upon entering the ship he asked if she would live with him in the freighter. She agreed, the ship was nicer than her loft after all. Korvus then retrieved the things from her loft. When Korvus returned he sealed the ship closed. He was glad to have the company and he didn't have the nightmares from then on.