Jerfal aboard is personal ship's bridge before the "invasion" of Makeb

Bio Edit

Jerfal is a miraluka Jedi Master, versed in both Force healing and using Force telekenetics.

Originally named Jerev Falar, his family was killed while aboard a diplomatic vessel in the Taris system. While his family and most of the onboard crew were killed, a few other survivors made it into escape pods. 

After being rescued by a Republic patrol both he, and his Kel Dor companion Vrik Star; another survivor. were found to be force-sensative. They trained as Jedi shortly before the war between the Republic and the Empire began. It is at this point Jerev changed his name to Jerfal, both as a symbol of closure in relation to his family's demise, as well as to throw off anyone seeking his previous name.

Jerfal completed his trials, becoming a knight of the order, and training a padawan. Shortly thereafter the Empire attacked, and due to his resolve during the Battle of Coruscant, was deemed a master of the order.

When the Jedi decided to leave Coruscant, and head to Tython, Jerfal began to question the Order's role in the war. He didn't believe the Empire should be left alone as the Jedi were at the time, and felt betrayed by the contempt the rest of the Republic had for the Order. 

It is at this point Jerfal sought out the Army of Light. Through the Army, he thought, he would be able to defend the Republic and end Sith tyranny in outlying systems without adhering to political treaties and/or the senate's orders. However, to this day he is still a strong proponent of the Order's teachings.

AL Significance & Unique TraitsEdit

Jerfal is platoon leader of the Warstalker's, a group of trandoshans that defected during the battle of Denova. Contrary to Jerfal's actual role, the Trandoshan's only caught a glimpse of the battle with Kephess, one in which Jerfal had been attacking the Trandoshan warlord. After the battle, they swore an oath to Jerfal and the Army of Light.

During the Makeb incident, Jerfal led the Warstalkers in their first full-scale operation. There, he discovered the ability to enhance normal Trandoshan regeneration, meaning he could re-grow any Warstalker personnels' limbs in a matter of days, leaving the platoon nigh-impossible to wipe out quickly unless utterly outnumbered by an enemy force.

Jerfal is miralukan, and therefore lacks normal humanoid eyes. Rather, he sees through the Force, percieving entity's by their virtue and moral alignment rather than physical appearance. He commonly wears a mask to keep his true appearance unknown, as well as to not frighten common citizens. The mask doubles as armor and has an integrated communication device that both enhances his muffled voice, and can link to any comm unit when registered correctly.