Jephos Mispir - Overview

"The time is always right to do what is right."

Jephos Mispir
Grand Master Jephos Mispir


Grand Master, Founder, and High General of The Army of Light; Jedi Shadow (retired)


3,684 BBY




Human (Male)


Height: 6'1"; Hair: Black, severely grayed; Eyes: Brown

Languages Spoken

Galactic Basic, High Galactic, Hapan, Sith, Durese, Rodese


Galactic Republic, Jedi Order, The Army of Light

Known Masters


Known Apprentices

Mai Skyblade, Caliber Mispir, Turor Eutobi, Klara Auburn

Notable Abilities / Midichlorian Count

Force Illusion, Dominate Mind, Force Presence Concealment, Morichro, Emerald Lightning, Tutaminis, Shatterpoint / 14,100

―Jephos Mispir to his son, Caliber

Jephos Mispir was a prominent Jedi figure during the Great Galactic War and the time period that followed the war's conclusion after the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant. The majority of his life was spent focused on combating the Sith Empire and dealing with the aftermath of the Sacking of Coruscant that occurred in 3,653 BBY. His response was the creation and leading of a "more practical" hardline offshoot of the Jedi Order, the Army of Light.

Early Life

Mispir was born in the year 3,684 BBY on the planet Hapes, capital world of the Hapan Consortium. Second born son of nobleman, Scorpius Mispir, and the Queen Mother of the Consortium, Ven'ka Chume, Mispir was set to enjoy a semi-charmed, if insignificant, life in the Hapan Royal Court. At the age of 3, when the Great Galactic War had just begun, Scorpius realized that the special talents his son had been exhibiting would threaten his existence in the matriarchical Hapan society. Without the knowledge or consent of the Queen Mother, the toddler prince was smuggled into the Galactic Republic where a meeting with a representative of the Jedi Order was arranged. Displaying a potent natural affinity for the Force and still being quite young, Mispir was accepted for training as a Jedi in the year 3,681 BBY.


"When you look at the dark side, careful you must be ... for the dark side looks back."

―Unknown Jedi Master

As a Youngling in the Jedi Order, Mispir often escaped the notice of his teachers. A shy, reserved youth, he often studied alone and did not socialize with other students his age. His mind constantly hungered, however, for knowledge and experiences that his Masters felt were unsuited to a child. The Great Galactic War and the enemies of the Galactic Republic held great sway over the Apprentice's mind, however, and even at such a young age, Mispir began serious meditation and contemplation on the true nature of the Dark Side of the Force.

Being ever curious, he would frequently trail the older Padawans and Knights about the Temple, avoiding detection. It would later be discovered that Mispir had a gift for concealing his presence in the Force, though at this time, the utilization of the technique was quite unintentional.

Jedi Temple Apprentice Tournament of 3676 BBY

By the time Mispir reached the age o
f eight, the war was five years underway and both the Republic and the Order had already suffered large casualities. Several of the Masters had lost their Padawans in combat. To help advance the training and preparation of the Order, a Temple Apprentice Tournament was convened. Its purpose was to help young Jedi train themselves and to help them be noticed by masters willing to accept a new Padawan. The tournament was a competition that set thirty-two apprentices against one another in a series of one-on-one and group battles with only one winner. While reasonably proficient in lightsaber combat, there were several other participants more skilled in both hand-to-hand and with the blade. Mispir's fighting technique proved enough, though, to earn him a spot in the final Round of Eight. Outmatched and
outnumbered, the boy quickly moved out of sight and diminshed his presence in the Force. Finally, only he and Kel'Dor apprentice, Sol Temm, remained. Temm, three years older and much stronger, was widely regarding as the most promising duelist of his age. As Temm advanced upon him and raised his training saber for an incapacitating blow, Mispir used the Force to simultaneously dislodge critical mechanical components in both the Kel'Dor's weapon and his antiox breath mask causing both to malfunction. Momentarily without defense and unable to breathe, Mispir threw the bulk of his weight into his opponent's chest, crushing what air remained out of Temm's lungs and forcing him to concede the match.

Aftermath of the Tournament and Apprenticeship to Jedi Knight Dar'Nala

Despite being the technical winner, several of the Masters and Knights in attendance were outraged at the methods employed in Mispir's victory feeling that they unnecessarily put Temm's life at risk. When questioned by the tournament Masters concerning his methods, the boy replied simply that he had done only "what was necessary". There was no deception, shame, fear, or aggression sensed from the apprentice, and it was this honesty, lack of negative emotions, and the creativity shown during the tournament that drew the attention of Knight Dar'Nala. Sensing more promise in him than her peers did, the Togruta Jedi recognized that the boy was strong with the Force, quick on his feet, and had a unique capacity for confronting the nature of the Dark Side of the Force without succumbing to its temptations. Following the close of the tournament, after a night of formal meditation, Mispir was officially apprenticed to Dar'Nala and became her Padawan.

Path to Knighthood