High Council

GM: High General Jephos Mispir (Sage) AGM: General Maí Skyblade (Guardian) General Tann'se Secura (Scoundrel) General Jaedon Phoenix (Guardian) General Kyle'b VanCover (Commando) General Geryth Corsair (Gunslinger)


High General Jephos Mispir (Sage) CO: General Tann'se Secura (Scoundrel) General Kyle'b VanCover (Commando) Cadet Mascurse Drakiel (Sage) Cadet Jarrul Kraytdragon (Sage) Cadet Jerfal Falar (Sage) Private Kukis Nao (Sage) Private Cerini-ti Duquesue (Sage)


General Maí Skyblade (Guardian) CO: General Jaedon Phoenix (Guardian) Lieutenant Talcore Starknite (Guardian) Cadet Gerwulf Kedar (Guardian) Cadet Otet Tiswi (Shadow) Sergeant Sayeret Veil (Shadow) Sergeant Davrok Marak (Shadow) Sergeant Dar-Ell Tyme (Guardian) Sergeant Karander Shinemoon (Guardian) Corporal Pala'din Grifter (Shadow) Private Verik'maas Thaiss (Vanguard) Private Caelvin Dulany (Guardian) Private On'nette Calenum (Shadow) Private Aceler Stormstrike (Guardian)

Ranged DPS

General Geryth Corsair (Gunslinger) CO: Commander Red'october Incognito (Gunslinger) Captain Coddy Lightcloud (Sage) Lieutenant Släughter (Gunslinger) Corporal Ecnalubma Rodger (Sage)

Melee DPS

Commander Korvús Starlight (Sentinel) CO: Lieutenant Ard'el Holylight (Guardian) Cadet Calibar Mispir (Sentinel) Cadet Andreafawcett Galaxis (Sentinel) Sergeant Traxex Wraw (Sentinel) Private Jorus Sher (Guardian) Private Olein Deathmark (Sentinel)


Commander Çosan Rosland (Guardian) Captain Shoja Fodun (Sage) Lieutenant Harbor Ironguard (Vanguard) Cadet Erathis Kesselian (Scoundrel) Cadet Gole Liath (Shadow) Cadet Ermacc Scorpion (Commando) Cadet Stryker-kai Kai (Sentinel) Sergeant Cargus Andzap (Guardian) Sergeant Brigael Light-seeker (Guardian) Sergeant Altheda Dreamwalker (Sage) Sergeant Carmala Etequon (Shadow) Corporal Twan Nel Xaire (Gunslinger) Private Jøhn Shepard (Scoundrel) Private IkaikaX Kalani-Kekoa (Shadow) Private Grethor Antor (Sage) Private Dmitri Struganov (Sage) Private Síd Vicious (Gunslinger) Private Belleck Dazven (Commando) Private Altorian Raines (Shadow) Private Kaal Ryekin (Commando) Private Lorweld Morovian (Shadow) Private Jects Mardonis (Gunslinger) Private Jago Darkstar (Sentinel) Private Kosmo Kramer (Scoundrel) Private Ulysses Marshall (Scoundrel)

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Please note that only Full Members with the rank of Private and above are added to the Roster.

Be aware that the Roster is constantly in a state of flux based on the current status of the guild membership and the needs of the guild.