The Newsletter of Light

Edition 1 - Volume 2

Guild News

As far as events go, something really epic is coming up, a guild-side RP event. Sections of the RP will be released segments at a time in the Role Play Arena, and then you will play off the story that has been given. So go brush up on your role playing skills because this is going to be awesome!

Environmental Polish, Final Touches?

This Friday, the Studio Insider, Environmental Polish, was released. The article mentioned how the Environmental Artists will go back in to the game and apply the “Final” touches to the environment. What does this mean to us TOR fans? It means that it will be coming soon!

In the article, Robby Lamb, Senior Environmental Artist, discusses that in the final stages of game development, which occurs right before launch, that everything is being optimized. He discuses how code optimizing and development tools help others in their final touches of game. As you look at some of the final screen shots of the worlds, such as this one, you can tell that launch will be soon! So, what do you think? Will TOR launch soon? Only time will tell.

Guild Promotions

Initiate Raziel Lumea has been promoted to Jedi Learner

Padawan Turor Eutobi has been promoted to Jedi Knight

Learner Tal Core Starknite had been promoted to Jedi Padawan (under Master Randos)

Major Bren Durron has been Promoted to General and Leader of the Trooper Branch

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