Jedi are knowledge, knowledge is power, power spreads fear, fear is an illusion, illusions are used by the Sith, Sith was Jedi." -Coddy Lightcloud, interconnecting Jedi and Sith.

Coddy Lightcloud
Coddy's Battle Armor


Captain and Jedi Knight of the Army of Light, Jedi Consular(active)


Cloned, 3,666 BBY




Mandalorian Clone


Teenager, well built, fit, cybernetic right forearm, 5'9", black hair, dark brown eyes.


Tutelage of Kamino, Jedi Order.


Galactic Republic, Army of Light, Mandalorian Clans

Known Masters

Traxex Wraw

Known Force Powers

Core Force Powers, Force Judgement.


Galactic Basics, Mando'a, Huttese and Binary

Coddy Lightcloud, is an active Jedi Knight of The Army of Light, who's Jedi Trials have been ignored due to the Cold War. He currently shows a great determination for extending his knowledge of the Force as he takes the path of the Jedi Consular. He tends to search the Galaxy for knowledge, both about the Force and to find his long lost family.

Early Life

Coddy was a clone of a renowned Mandalorian Clansleader. Thing is, he doesn't know which one. He was produced in a cloning vat on the independant planet, Kamino. There he was raised by the Kaminoans and was under the tutelage of Tipoca City's Grand Teacher Welon Tayar, under the wishes of the father. Coddy spent most of his early years behind a book, but when he had spare time he spent it in the training grounds. There he learned the ways of a warrior, like all Mandalorian children should. Coddy partook in the ways of Teras Kasi and the combat style of the Echani tradition. After years, the Kaminoan Prime Minister demanded more payment to continue Coddy's special care, but no-one did. He then abandoned Coddy on the streets of Coruscant, forcing him to look to the Underworld for survival...

Force Studies

Coddy will do anything to extend his knowledge of the Force but will not blind him from saving lives.

Path to Knighthood

Coddy believes that he is ready for the Trials and is eagerly waiting the High Council's response.

Armaments and Equipment

Even though Coddy's a Jedi, he still believes a good blaster could be more useful than his lightsabers. He carries a pair of high powered custom modified blaster pistols, a pair of lightsabers and one shoto. He occasionally wears a cerimonial robe but in battle he prefers his Mandalorian armors, honoring his people. He also has a wrist grappling hook and a renewable bacta injector built into his Cybernetic right forearm, made of Beskar. He also has a personal shield generator attached to his belt, which allows a stealth field to be generated.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Due to being able to live twice as longer than a human, Coddy is use to cryogenetic equipment, allowing him to withstand freezing temperatures. However he can also withstand high temperatures. The only weakness is for every Jedi, the temptations of the Dark Side.